Monday, February 13, 2012

Love Is . . . Not Self-Seeking

For St. Valentine's Day, why not warm your heart from the inside out? These two charitable organizations model what a loving heart is in the most meaningful ways:

Blood Water Mission is not only dedicated to building wells in impoverished nations where this essential, life-basic resource is not always in ready supply, they are also working hard to fight AIDS world-wide by giving communities the information and tools to be "agents of change" in stopping the epidemic. Think: teach a man to fish while also making sure he has enough fish to eat. It's the real deal; they are independently audited every year, have been certified by ECFA for integrity, and you can view their financial report here. Wherever you decide to put your charity dollars, it's always wise to investigate just how those funds are spent. In some organizations, as little as 1% of proceeds actually go toward helping those in need. Not so with BWM, which strives to put at least 80% of the funds directly into the communities it serves. It's a small world after all.

SelflessTee always remains topical...rather than focusing on only one cause, they hold two-week campaigns for a variety of good causes—both large and very small. Their current campaigns include Cancer Early Detection. All you have to do to support the cause of your choice is to purchase one of their way-cool fashionable (designed by talented artists) tee shirts. Or, if you have a foundation or organization needing support, you can contact the fine folks at SelflessTee with your fundraising needs and you might inspire their next 2-week campaign. SelflessTee's ingenuity and efficiency is truly motivating: they had an idea and just went out and did it. But don't take my word on it; hear directly from Selfless Tee founders, Danny and Josh, in the video posted below.

SelflessTee from SelflessTee on Vimeo.