Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Deer Story to Warm Your Heart . . .

This happened over a year ago, but when Second Chance Ranch posted it on their Facebook page, the story went viral. While it may seem like a minor feat, some may even call it insignificant, the story of how Tom Satre of Alaska Quest Charters saved four young deer has heart. It is, when you read it and look at the pictures, a reminder that people are simply kind. That we have, in our hearts, the inclination to do good even when it means no benefit to us. This is a good thing at a time when we also see so much ugliness in the world. It helps to change perspective and appreciate that basic, simple joy . . . there for the taking to anyone who will inhale, smile and say, "It is good." God built us for fellowship with others and stewardship of the earth . . . and that's what I see happening in this story.

Read more about the swimming deer rescue story at Alaska Quest Charters' website, The Juneau Empire, and on Second Chance Ranch's Facebook profile.

Photos from The Seattle Weekly.

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