Saturday, June 7, 2014

If You Use the Internet, You Need to See This...

If a monopoly of internet providers can buy our government, then, you know... "What's next?" Rather than talking about the oft scoffed slippery slope, just think about what happens when you drop slippery soap in a prison shower. That's what cable companies will (be continuing to) do to us.

There is a lot you can do about it, including...
  • Read more about net, here, or here.
  • Tell your elected officials what you think about it (and, important second step: hold them accountable by voting against them if they don't listen to you.)
  • Tell your cable company you'll drop them (which is nearly impossible to do, considering there is no competition, but that's something else to ask your government representatives to change. In the meantime, consider satellite.)
  • Tell your friends and family (share this video or any other article you find readable and informative).
  • Check out other ways you can take action.

Lastly, but not leastly...
  • The FCC is actually inviting you to comment directly, via the internet: here at You can follow the esteemed Mr. Oliver's advice, or construct your comments as you wish. But, hey, let's not be dillweeds and give any government entity reason to say: "See? See?!! This is why we don't want to ask the public about anything!" (i.e. keep comments constructive and on topic, please.)

Support every individual's equal access to the internet (which is free like the airwaves) and don't let cable companies restrict that access.